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By: Pasta Ya Gotcha
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Compared to using flavors (pasta sauce) that are canned; we work with Pasta Ya Gotcha to bring fresh, unique flavors that are made locally and in small batches. These flavors are unique and you will not find them anywhere else of course except at Pasta Ya Gotcha. 
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Pasta Ya Gotcha

The ongoing philosophy behind our menu is “Pasta Beyond It’s Italian Borders”. This has resulted in a fundamental change in the expectations of our great customers. Our best selling sauces are the non-traditional flavor profiles of Texas Tijuana Taco, Tennessee Jack BBQ, Holy Moly Chipotle and Thai Peanut sauces.


Our customers are always complimenting us on what we believe to be crucial to any successful food operation…Consistent Quality and Taste. Since we work so hard to provide both, we are proud of the compliments and loyalty of our valued customers and corporate clients.


Over a million plates of freshly prepared pasta later, we thank our loyal fans who, "Gotta have their Texas" or "Nothing but Roasted Garlic will do."
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